This 8-course menu takes our diners through a 90-minute food journey starting off with our famed Mai Khao Beach sand crabs and ending with Andasi’s popular take on a local Phuket Pineapple and Coconut Gelato dessert.

In Thai folklore, Maiyarap, the King of the Underworld, was killed by the powerful Hanuman, who is on display as a gargantuan figure in the Andasi VIP Dining Tunnel.

This perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Andasi, our Maiyarap menu is priced at 2888 THB ++ per head.


An 11-course menu, this 2-hour adventure takes it’s name from the gorgeous mermaid princess who falls is love with the imposing Hanuman.

Featuring a completely unique Bengali inspired Crocodile dish as well as the exquisite Mughal Empire influenced New Zealand sous-vide lamb Roughan Gosht.

The Suvannamaccha is for the slightly adventurous looking to satisfy a palate for an Asian taste, and is priced at 3888 THB++ per head.



Making a statement by starting this 13-course menu with the highest grade beef in the world – the A5 Kagoshima – like Hanuman himself, this menu possesses strength, courage and knowledge.

A 2.5-hour culinary odyssey takes you through the best of what Andasi’s kitchen has to offer, encompassing some of the finest ingredients and produce in the world, whilst being distinctly unique with delectable artistry.

The Hanuman menu is valued at 4888THB++ per head and includes complimentary seating in our VIP Dining Tunnel should you desire! (pending on availability).


Enjoy our selection of old and new world wines to accompany your meal or enjoy a glass at our night lounge.